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Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

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Not poetry just some insight from yesterday, tho yesterday when i wrote this in the body of an email i was going off 1.5 hours of sleep heh.

the following was what came off my fingers in an email i sent my friend yesterday afternoon after getting basically no sleep...heh ;p

im alive...kinda lol, i think, iono, hard to tell hahahahaha, am i really writing this? who really knows. I sure dont, i question existance all the fucking time dude, im just waiting to die(or so everyone thinks) and then wake up in actual reality and if its as bad as this fucking illusion ill kill myself again right away haha, what if its a vicious cycle...ya know, we are here in what we think is real and hate it, die(supposidly) and wake up in reality and its even worse, so we kill ourselves and end up back where we started which is here, in this fucked up world we think is real...confused yet? amazingly enough im not hahaa, and it makes sense too. whoa, ok, ill stop.
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