Reaching out to embrace whatever may come (slavescreams) wrote in lesbian_lit,
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

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Not about meeh obviously

Sit behind your technology,
watch the world around you go by.
Just feeling like there is someone,
that really gives a shit about you.

Stare off into your,
fantasy world of cyber friends.
Your only contact with the world,
is through your keyboard.

Grow old and lonlier,
wrap yourself up in a false world.
Get so lost and caught up,
in the false sense of security.

Let the reality in,
every now and then.
Then you see your alone,
and you cannot deal.

You reach for the blade,
each cut deeper than before.
Taint the skin even more,
nobody wants you all the more.

The day comes,
when you go to deep.
You finally realize,
nobody actually cares,
you accept your stupidity,
and fade away.

© smurfee 2004
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