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Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

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yeah, i got fired today for a stupid fucking reason and i say...

Tied and bound,
to the ways of the world.
Biting and scratching,
To rid yourself of the binding feeling.

Minor mistakes and irresponsibility,
with bigger tolls than thought.
Not knowing consequence,
until it's too late.

Sick of conformity,
sinking to the social "norm"
Hiding self expression,
in order to survive.

Learn to swim,
current always uphill.
Undertows wait,
to suck you down.

Fuck the corporate world,
undermining society as we know it.
Taking control of you,
herding you like cattle.

Controlling you,
holding you down.
You finally accept it,
then they set you free.

Back to the beginning,
of this backbreaking cycle.
On to a new master,
with a new set of rules.

A new puppet,
same old tattered strings.
A new master,
wearing them down more than before.

Once again stuck,
trying to break free.
Or at the very least,
finding happiness in slavery.

I'm taking my chance now,
no more conformity.
Fuck corporate america,
I'm no longer the puppet.

My strings are cut,
this is who I am.
Don't like it,
then it's not my loss.

They are broken now,
far beyond repair...

This is my illusion,
all this pain does not exist.
You are now the puppet,
now you dance for me.

© smurfee 2004
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