Strings (childofstrings) wrote in lesbian_lit,

Girlwolf Wear

And I take comfort in the fact...
That she hasn't left me yet...
She hasn't pushed that red button all the way down

And I take comfort in the memory...
Of our relationship assembly...
The way she's held me up so high above the ground

The monster inside of her
Is staring me in the eye
And its attacking me so fierce
Expecting me to die

But I stare at the monster
To find the girl who's trapped inside
And I cant move my body
Because I cant believe my eyes

But I take comfort in the dream...
That this is one
And I take comfort by dreaming...
That this is fun

I take comfort in the dream
That she cant hear me scream
I take comfort in the ride
That my love is trapped inside...

Trapped inside the monster...
I will find her
Trapped inside the monster...
She will be free again

IT WAS ALL A JOKE! So..throw you head back and laugh...Laugh
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