Reaching out to embrace whatever may come (slavescreams) wrote in lesbian_lit,
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

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Staring off
into the great abyss.
Where everything is nothing,
and nothing really exists.

This body holds me here,
stuck in this delusional existance.
Just sitting here and waiting,
for an unbelieveable experience.

The illusion of time goes by,
second by second, hour by hour.
Looking at all the idiots around me,
scowling at them and making them cower.

Yet they nor I are really here,
this place, this world, in which we live.

This place we call home,
is nothing more than an illusion.

What we think,
is of no matter.
In time our so-called world,
will fall apart and shatter.

Then perhaps we will realize,
all of this to be true.
Everything is nothing,
nothing really exists,
then we will see reality,
reality pure and true.

© smurfee 2004
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