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Shake Your Head in Disbelief

.... haven't posted lately, but here's poems... enjoy. Any suggestions people may have are greatly apprieciated. :-)

* * *

Beautiful, intangible one
the stars are closer than Aphrodite.
Lovely perfection
as warm and soft as a rose petal
drifting to the surface of a trickling stream
farther away than Pluto's invisible moons.
Eyes so bright that the shade has no name
above luscious lips that are too distant to be seen.
Are you smiling or giving me a frown?
Not even a telescope can discern
whether the corners of your delectable lips
are pointing up or down.
Every day, I try to reach for you, my queen
but when night falls, I comprehend
that my vision doesn't fathom the direction
in which you dwell and if it did, nonetheless
my love, you do not exist.

* * *

I Am Slavery

Denial, masterful flower of my heart
I bow to you and if you so choose, make love to you
succumbing my desires to the pits of eternity
for I am timorous, intoxicated
and afraid of myself.
Beautiful shroud of lies, protect me from my sins
the angelic smile of normality graces my thoughts
from him shall come the perfection I seek
from him shall arise the ignorant bliss.
Beneath my lovely denial, below the chains and ties
truth dwells like the beast it is
never to be liberated, or so I wish.
For if this dragon crawls from the depths
smelling of what I've always coveted
I will not be strong enough to smite it
nor banish it from these servant's eyes.
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