Reaching out to embrace whatever may come (slavescreams) wrote in lesbian_lit,
Reaching out to embrace whatever may come

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does anyone ever check this community???

would you...they
still see me the same?
I would hope you...they would,
you...they dont seem that shallow.

Would you...they still think,
I am the one for them?
Or would they run away,
like cowards not knowing what to do?

Only one way to find out,
there is no easy way.
At some point i must share,
these secrets with someone.

Break down the barrier,
once more, hopefully for
the last time in my life.

Take down the wall,
feel completely at ease.
Wish it were easier,
than it actually is.

As the time approaches,
i get nervous...
more and more each time
im faced with it.

will it be the last time,
i sure hope so.
i want it to be,
for that will make me complete.

© smurfee 2004
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